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Becoming a Client


Any financial advisor you encounter is going to meet with you, consider your financial environment and come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals. They will meet with you annually, or maybe even a few times a year and provide guidance and assistance, while also answering questions as they arise.

Ben is different. Ben considers YOU as a true gift from God. Ben seeks to know you first as a human– and then, as a client. As he walks with you on this life journey, Ben will advise and counsel you, as it relates to the Kingdom on Earth, and how we all can be good shepherds of your own prosperity to make a better tomorrow, while also providing you with financial guidance that is wise and true.


Step 1 in our process is to make an appointment to come in and talk with Ben. We prefer in-person appointments but understand if a phone call is necessary to begin the process.


In your first appointment with Ben, he listens while you talk. Guiding you through the information Ben will ascertain your financial position and goals, while also gathering information from you about your life in general and what has brought you to the present moment. Whether it is your walk in faith or other elements, Ben begins the relationship by listening to YOU. Ben will build a profile of your values and traits, goals, desires and concerns for the future, which will then help him to craft your financial strategy moving forward.


In the next step, which is continuous and on-going, Ben will craft a strategy that suits not only your financial goals, but also aligns with your values. Ben holistically looks at your risk tolerance and goals to develop a personalized, biblically-based financial plan and investment portfolio designed to propel you where you want to go. As Christian financial advisors provide heart-level financial counsel to clients, we eventually counsel you in the storms of life. Are we able to convincingly encourage clients that "in every storm and every season, a good God is sovereignly writing the story of our lives"?