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Women's History Month

Women's History Month

March 20, 2024

As I pondered the idea of “Woman’s History Month” I began to think of the history of woman in my own family and the indelible mark that they have made on me. One of these women would be my mother.

Last week as I enjoyed lunch with my mom to celebrate her birthday, she spoke about a few of the women from our family. She spoke of her own mother, who was my last surviving grandparent, just before her passing a few days ago. She talked about my aunts, one of whom I’ve never met. Other times she has recounted stories of my great-grandmother who I still remember to this day. Her memory is sharp, her words thoughtful, her demeanor is engaging as she recalls decades old memories as though they happened last week.

Though I cannot give her due credit in this short article I will briefly touch on her character as it has touched me. A diligent worker, organized, full of compassion, and outgoing she influenced me, not just personally but also vocationally. My mother displayed a strong work ethic all throughout her life. She was very resourceful. As a child I remember her canning and sewing. Jars of peaches lined the basement shelves of my childhood. Darned socks and mended pants kept her busy undoubtedly. We didn’t have much, but we had enough. I learned to be content, not needing much as a young boy. It was the best training in finance I could get because it taught me to save, refrain from debt, and be willing to share. I enjoyed the small things and the great alike, not things that could be bought but things like family gatherings, nature, and friendships.

My Mother is a nurturer and care giver. She is strong, assertive, and forward, maybe even to a fault sometimes, but inevitably she yields to the compassion in her heart that comes from knowing her Savior well. Like a cat that startles in a flurry of emotion she eventually lands on kindness and grace just about every time.

We get back to her house and I notice St. Patrick’s Day décor at the entrance of her home. I look around and become aware of even more furnishings that create beauty and warmth. She is beautiful and does the same to everything she touches.

Today as I continue writing this article I’m traveling to my grandmother’s funeral. I am captivated by the sweet tones of my two daughters’ as they harmonize to an old hymn that they are preparing to sing this morning.

We arrive to the funeral, and memories of the grace, beauty and kindness of my grandmother fill the air as she is eulogized by others. As my mother speaks and testifies to God’s unending faithfulness, I recall a verse in 2Timothy “I am reminded of your sincere faith which first lived in your grandmother and mother” [paraphrase author].

My daughters stand to sing; young, glowing, radiant and I’m enraptured by a swirl of thought and emotion of the generational gifts of the women in my life. My heart is full of thanksgiving.

The legacy lives on in faith, hope, and love; and the world is made a better place by the women who strengthen, cultivate, encourage, beautify, and grace this planet.

The women in our lives may not be famous but they are profoundly great to us and should be honored and cherished. What woman or women are you thankful for and how have they touched your life?